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Building Functional Wardrobes to Suit Your Specific Purpose

Wardrobes in bedrooms take away much of the burden of storing clothes and other accessories. Besides the look and color however, there are several other things you need to keep in mind. Have you decided what kind of layout it will have? What is its purpose? Will it be for a man or woman, and have you made provisions for them accordingly?



Basic wardrobe layout comprises hanging rails, small shelves and a top shelf.

Basic layouts are preferable for children’s rooms, guest bedrooms and utility rooms where drawers aren’t a big priority.


Standard wardrobe layout consists of hanging rails, small shelves, a top shelf and small drawers or baskets.

Standard Layouts give space to smaller items and can eliminate the need for other small storage furniture pieces.


  • Wardrobes are built with the purpose of providing discreet storage for clothing, small items and other nick knacks within the bedroom. It’s functional and utility value is paramount.

  • Wardrobes designed for women have more shelves, drawers and loft storage since the purpose is for storing different kinds of clothing and accessories. Men on the other hand, prefer more space for hanging rails for shirts and trousers

  • Saree organisers, tie/socks organisers are very essential spaces in a wadrobe and must be chosen accordingly

  • Internal shelves, drawers and fittings including their layout must be planned as per requirements.

The above may seem very minor, but are very important in the long run. By building wardrobes right, you can even keep a check on the clothes you buy and prevent spillage onto beds and other furniture.

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