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Colour Trend: Blush Pink

When you think of pink, you dont need to think Barbie or in your face colour pops. Blush pink is this seasons colour trend. Why not be adventurous and get in touch to create your own beautiful blush pink wardrobe?

Here are our top tips when using this colour:

Best for creating a restful bedroom with its cool, soothing undertone.

Crème de la Rose matt emulsion, £18 for 2.5ltr, Crown

Best for pairing with contemporary or vintage florals in the bedroom.

Rose Mallow matt emulsion, £42 for 2.5ltr, Fired Earth

Best for north-facing rooms as it has a soft warm undertone.

Gypsum pure matt, from £47 for 2.5ltr, Fenwick & Tilbrook


To introduce a splash of colour while maintaining a pared-back look, try touches of green in pale or mid tones. These shades feel restorative and breathe a sense of life into a cool room.

This versatile pink adds crispness and modernity to whites and creates a soothing backdrop for natural tones, particularly olive greens and earthy browns:


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