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Houseplants to help keep your bedroom cool in summer

Sometimes it feels like no amount of cooling fans or windows wide open will make a hot and stuffy bedroom cooler. But did you know there is actually an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to help keep your home cool during the hot summer months? It turns out house plants are actually great for doing just that. has created a guide to the house plants you need to keep your home cool this summer. They have recommended 5 indoor house plants to help keep your room cool this summer.


One of the few trees that can thrive indoors, Ficus benjamina is a weeping fig that comes into its own on sweltering summer days. Its many leaves keep the air around it fresh and cool, making it an excellent plant to return home to after a day outside. Ficus likes the sun, but is also very thirsty, so make sure it has enough water, expecially in the summer months.


The more leaves a plant has, and the larger they are, the more water it will release into the air around it to cool down. All this makes Ficus elastica a welcome guest on hot summer days. Its large, sturdy leaves aren't just beautiful to look at, they also help keep your room feeling fresh. Don't place the ficus elastica in full sun, but in a bright spot with indirect light. Avoid drowning it with water and then drying it out; instead try a little-but-often approach, so the soil stays damp.


This plant is known for its air purification qualities and high levels of transpiration, when it releases water back into the atmosphere. In addition, aglaonema needs little water and sunlight, making it a perfect low-maintainance plant. It's ideal for anyone who is nervous of their green-fingered capabilities, but still wants an attractive, natural way of cooling down.


Palms are professionals at absorbing CO2 and emitting oxygen. The larger the leaf, the more oxygen the palm produces. Areca palm, Fern palm, Livistona, Fishtail palm and the Lady palm are all very skilled at their job.


Like the Aloe Vera, the sansevieira or snake plant stores a lot of water in its leaves for times of scarcity. If the temperatures rise rapidly, the plant will let this water evaporate to prevent overheating. The transpiration creates a current of fresh, cool air, which we can all enjoy.


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