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Styling your bedroom for Christmas

Make the festive period even more special by taking the decorations upstairs.

Christmas decorating isn’t all about the tree and the dining table. For a truly festive home, it’s worth getting your Christmas bedroom decor on point, too.

With friends and family soon to descend onto your doorstep, it’s time to think about preparing the guest bedroom to make sure your visitors feel at ease and well looked after during their stay. Have fun adding in some Christmas decorations to make their room feel part of the house as a whole – a wreath on the door or some twinkly fairy lights above the bed will help set the scene.

Santa can’t fail to stop by with Christmas bedrooms that look this festive…

1. Dress the headboard

You don’t have to go crazy with the tinsel and toys to make a bedroom feel festive. A fresh garland of foliage will do the trick – and will give off a fragrance that will soothe you to sleep. Just be sure to secure it properly. No one wants to wake up to a face full of pine needles!

Image credit: Katie Lee Photography

We love this stunning garland from Bloom - the masters of exquisite Silk Flower Bouquets, Artificial Plants and Faux Floral Arrangements.

2. Say it with a sign

Another subtle way to decorate is with some festive typography. However, for a tasteful take, steer clear of the obvious ‘Merry Christmas’ and instead choose a word that references the season subtly. That way, you can leave it hanging all year round.

The same goes for your colour scheme – green and white are both Christmassy colours but not as in-your-face as red.

Image credit: Colin Poole

3. Conjure up a rustic Christmas

Ensure a warm welcome to a guest bedroom by dressing a traditional metal bedstead with rustic decorations. Start by making an inexpensive garland by pegging brown luggage labels onto a length of twine then adding small pine cones. Keep bedroom essentials for your guests tucked in a vintage-style suitcase and ensure the best Christmas Eve night’s sleep with brushed chambray cotton bed linen. Replace a picture with three mini wreathes to continue the modern country feel.

We love this metal bed frame from Dreams.

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

4. Make it magical with metallics

Give your Christmas bedroom all-year glamour with a striking, shimmering pendant, sequinned cushions and a feature wall of paper subtly encrusted with sparkling spangles.

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

5. Make a children’s room special

If you have children staying, add a little Christmas sparkle to their room. You don’t need to go full-on Christmas; just a handful of accessories can make a huge difference to little ones. Hang a string of bauble lights from a curtain pole – they will make a magical alternative to a table lamp. Take care where you secure them as you don’t want to obstruct the curtains. Look for battery-powered designs that won’t rely on a socket being nearby. Use the window sill as a display space for Christmas toys. Here tiny Christmas stockings have been pinned to the bed footboards, while matching soft toys provide a warm bunny welcome.

Image credit: Brent Darby

6. Wake up to Christmas

Create a sumptuous setting with a stylish four poster bed against a winter floral wallpaer. Pile up with tartan and textured linens and decorate the bedside table with a jugful of flowers.

Image credit: David Brittain


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